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Classic Traditional Steamboat

Model: ISB-3002A

Power Rating: 220-240V 50Hz 1200W


1) Fine steel-plate cast product - Ideal for steamboat

2) Immersed heater body spreads heat quickly and evenly

3) Projecting bowl is removable - Easy for cleaning

4) With adjustable thermal control and indicator light

5) Automatically cuts off when desired temperature is reached

6) Can be used with any kind of bottom ware as a stove


Teppanyaki Steamboat

Model: TK-3888

Power Rating: 220-240V 50Hz 1200W


1) Adjustable temperature control and indicator light on power cord

2) Heating plate can be removed from rubber housing - Easy to clean

3) Rubber housing is cool - Will not get burnt if accidentally touched

4) Power cuts off and indicator light goes off when desired temperature reached

5) Minimal smoke emission

6) Ideal for steamboat, BBQ, fry or grill


Deluxe Teppanyaki Steamboat

Model: TK-DP103

Power Rating: 230V 50-60Hz 1500W


1) Made of high class nickel-chrome tube and high grade aluminum alloy

2) Heats almost immediately and evenly - Does not waste energy

3) Dual heating element and thermal control

4) Minimal smoke and non-stick teflon coating - No pollution and easy to clean

5) Can use for steamboat, teppanyaki, BBQ, frying or warming

6) Auto thermal control & indicator light - Cuts off when desired temperature reached

7) Separate heating element and control for steamboat and BBQ

8) Ideal for preparing western or oriental breakfast, lunch or dinner




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